Services for Business Brokers

You need to first read the page "How it works for Sellers" to understand the general procedures and conditions for listing.

Although there would be no problem with a broker using the standard commission agreement, we do acknowledge that special provision needs to be made for the listing of businesses by business brokers.

The Commission Agreement signed by business brokers takes into account:

  • Only one blanket agreement needs to be signed to cover all businesses listed by that broker.
  • Client confidentiality is maintained in that the business owner is not identified to ourselves until such time as the business is sold.
  • Commissions payable to Biz.for.Sale are only due once the broker has received payment from the seller of the business.
  • Our Biz.for.Sale commission can be based on your choice of two different systems:
      -   as a percentage of Purchase Price Paid
      -   as a percentage of Gross Income on the deal
Why are there two different commission structures.?   Explanation here.

Four Quick steps to Register as Participating Broker

  1. Complete this    

  2. Print out the applicable Broker's Commission Agreement
  3. Sign the Broker's Commission Agreement and fax it to us.
  4. Start submitting your businesses.!
We will mail your Broker Code to you which should be used when submitting.

Please remember to mail the original agreement to us.

We also strongly recommend that you read Tips for Creating Effective Broker Listings before you select and submit your first listings.