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Read the tips alongside the filter boxes for guidance.

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- Setting this field to a blank value will return an error.
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- The currently set default is R 500 million.
- You can use this field to trim off listings above your budget.
- The result list displays in descending order of Price.
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per month per month
- The default settings of zero and R10m per month should return all listings.
- Setting either field to blank will result in an error.
- Use Max Profit with caution. Rather to leave this very high to not exclude the remarkably profitable!
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Tip # 1   Start off by searching for one word in the First Keyword box. Leave all other boxes empty (except for the R500m in Max. Price)
Tip # 2   Alternatively, leave all the keyword boxes empty and select an Industry for the type of business that interests you.  (Remember to leave the R500m in Maximum Price.)
Tip # 3   Only if the above searches leave you with too many results should you consider including a second keyword or trimming down the maximum price value.