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  Spar and Save More
Industry / Sector:  Food - Retail
Location:  KZN South Coast, KwaZulu-Natal RSA,
Metro Proximity:  - no metro nearby -
Asking Price:  R 16 500 000 2747
Annual Return:   31 %   -   on a monthly profit of R 420 000
Description: Recently revamped Spar with Tops liquor store, comes with a Save more as a special package deal.
  Art Gallery and Art Bar
Industry / Sector:  Retail - Other
Location:  KZN Midlands Meander, KwaZulu-Natal RSA, Lions River
Metro Proximity:  - no metro nearby -
Asking Price:  R 1 900 000 2759
Annual Return: - data not available -
Description: The art gallery and art bar consist of two symbiotic businesses, where either can stand alone but work extremely well together for a number of reasons. The art gallery is an established country gallery representing artists of many mediums, including fine arts, bronze and driftwood sculptures, ceramic art, prints, photographs, beadwork, and high end crafts. The art bar is a popular adjunct to the gallery which allows customers to purchase items in bisque form which they can hand paint on site. These are then fired and glazed for them on site; popular with school groups and team building as well as family outings.
  Upmarket Tea Garden with Liquor License
Industry / Sector:  Restaurant and Bar
Location:  Winklespruit, KwaZulu-Natal RSA, Beach area
Metro Proximity:  Durban
Asking Price:  R 1 800 000 2793
Annual Return:   100 %   -   on a monthly profit of R 150 000
Description: Well established large tea garden and restaurant on the upper KZN South Coast close to Durban. Netting R150k per month. Priced way below market with a ROI of 100%. A good lifestyle purchase which is showing good yearly growth. High asset value. Underutilised liquor licence presents great growth opportunities.
Hotpick Huge ROI, excellent price, great growth potential
  Top Beauty Shop in Leading Durban Centre
Industry / Sector:  
Location:  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal RSA, Pavilion Centre
Metro Proximity:  Durban
Asking Price:  R 950 000 2763
Annual Return:   38 %   -   on a monthly profit of R 30 000
Description: Established in the area for nine years and is extremely busy - a very successful beauty franchise. All the staff are capable in their fields and only top quality products are used. The shopping centre itself is in the top five in the country and enjoys a high foot count. Lots of extra features and all paperwork is available.
  Garden Services and Tree Felling - Highway Area
Industry / Sector:  Garden Services and Nurseries
Location:  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal RSA, Westville to Hillcrest
Metro Proximity:  Durban
Asking Price:  R 650 000 2790
Annual Return:   70 %   -   on a monthly profit of R 37 850
Description: A garden service which has operated under one owner for 20 years offering insured, safe, tree felling and rubble removal. 56 gardens are serviced on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Good staff and growth opportunities. Definitely a well-above-average business in this sector.
Hotpick Good ROI and high profits.
  Established Heel and Key Bar plus General Sales
Industry / Sector:  
Location:  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal RSA, Hillcrest
Metro Proximity:  Durban
Asking Price:  R 490 000 2758
Annual Return:   61 %   -   on a monthly profit of R 25 000
Description: The business was established in 2013 and is popular for shoe repairs and key cutting in the area. There is also a range of underwater cameras, watches, pellet guns, dry cleaning and a huge range of other items. The shop is located next to an anchor tenant in an extremely busy shopping mall and is manned by two knowledgeable staff members. Low overheads allow excellent profits. All stock control is controlled by a top class POS program.
Hotpick Manager run, high returns, good sleeper investment
  Secondhand Dealer and Pawnbroker
Industry / Sector:  Retail - Other
Location:  Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal RSA, Central
Metro Proximity:  Durban
Asking Price:  R 450 000 2121
Annual Return:   27 %   -   on a monthly profit of R 10 000
Description: The purchase and sale of any items of value as well as pawnbroking activities. Owner retiring.
  Garden Service in Pinetown
Industry / Sector:  Garden Services and Nurseries
Location:  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal RSA, Pinetown
Metro Proximity:  Durban
Asking Price:  R 280 000 2755
Annual Return:   107 %   -   on a monthly profit of R 25 000
Description: Well established for 22 years and run by the present owner for 18 years. Owner selling due due to ill health and moving to the Midlands. The business is based in Pinetown and caters for the Highway area. Prior to handover there will be a full introduction and training period for two weeks.
  Top Class Bluff Garden Service w/ Excellent Staff
Industry / Sector:  Garden Services and Nurseries
Location:  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal RSA, Bluff
Metro Proximity:  Durban
Asking Price:  R 220 000 2771
Annual Return:   90 %   -   on a monthly profit of R 16 500
Description: Services the whole Bluff area. There is a comprehensive range of garden equipment plus two large trailers. Potential for growth. Priced for an URGENT SALE.
  Fish and Chips, Hare Dresser (Demo Record)
Industry / Sector:  Food - Retail
Location:  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal RSA, Umgeni Road
Metro Proximity:  Port Elizabeth
Asking Price:  R 200 000 1
Annual Return:   60 %   -   on a monthly profit of R 10 000
Description: Fish and Chip and Takeaway Chicken emporium, hub caps and cellphones (Demo Record) (--- not to be taken seriously--- here for testing and prototyping purposes only)
  Web Design and Hosting
Industry / Sector:  Business Services
Location:  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal RSA, Westville
    (Suitable for relocation to any geographic area)
Metro Proximity:  Durban
Asking Price:  R 130 000 2490
Annual Return:   74 %   -   on a monthly profit of R 8 000
Description: We are a web design business in operation for the last 17 months providing web design and online solutions for business and private users. We design 3 to 5 websites per month with a net return on investment of R7-R10 000 per month. This type of business will suit anyone who has a graphic design background, an eye for color and attention to detail and wanting to offer an additional service to their existing current client base. The business has low running costs of less than R2 000 per month.

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