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You specify any of category, price range, keyword and area and as soon as a business fitting that profile is listed - then we will notify you by email. A free service to buyers.
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Pre-Loading of Broker Information

If you are registered as a broker with Biz.for.Sale and have a broker code allocated, then you can use this facility to have the recurring data sections of the Business Submission form filled in for you. This reduces both the typing effort and the possibilty of input errors.

A broker code is normally of the format "Br-SMITH" or "Br-NORTHBB" and it is the capitalised string after the "Br-" part that is required to identify you here.

Please enter your Broker Code:    
return to the Business Submission Form
Forgotten your Broker Code ?
  Enter your First or Last Name (or part of it) here . . .    
    You could also search on part of the brokerage name. ie. tut for Astute Brokers

After the form preloads you may notice that some of the data we have on record needs to be updated. Make the necessary changes on the form but please advise us so that we can update on our side and so that the details will be correct the next time you use the Broker Pre-Load.

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