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Fish and Chips, Hare Dresser (Demo Record)


Description:    Fish and Chip and Takeaway Chicken emporium, hub caps and cellphones (Demo Record) (--- not to be taken seriously--- here for testing and prototyping purposes only)
Industry / Sector:    Food - Retail
State / Province:    KwaZulu-Natal RSA
City / Town:    Durban
Location / Area:    Umgeni Road
Metro Proximity:    Port Elizabeth.     It should be possible to commute from this metro city to the business location.
Portability:    Zero Portability - This business can only operate from the area specified. There is no potential whatever for it to be relocated elsewhere.
Asking Price:    R 2 000 000
Conditions:    Very negotiable - 20% holdback on t/over warranty 6 mths and 20% on 12 months.
Turnover:    R 185 000 per month
Profit:    R 10 000 per month
Annual Return:    6 % per annum
No. of Staff:    4
Year Established:    1975
Legal Persona:    Close Corporation
Other Information:     
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